GoldScrap Calculator frequently asked questions

How do I register and pay for a program?

If you'd like to pay online using your credit card, you can do so through our secure online payment system. If you'd like to pay using a check, cash or money order, you can use the form that comes with each program, and mail your payment to us. After registering, you'll receive your registration code by email. If registering online, you'll receive your code within a day, usually within a few hours.

Why should I register and pay for a program?

Our programs are distributed as key-enabled trial software. That means you may install and test it free of charge for as long as you like, and then if you like it and want to continue to use it, you can register your copy by paying for it. You'll get a registration code back from us after paying. This will either allow you to continue to use the program after the trial period has expired, or unlock some additional features.

How can I find out about program updates or new versions?

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Can I use new versions of programs released after I register?

Yes, after registering, you're entitled to all updates released for software version you bought.

Product upgrade policy

All our products updates are free for the respective version purchased.

Updates an update is an interim release that fixes bugs, improves performance, enhances usability, or adds a new feature to an existing version. Version numbers look like v1.0, v.1.01, v.1.1, etc. Moving from any number within your currently registered edition is free. Updates for the current edition can be downloaded from our web site at no charge.

If you bought v1.00 then the serial keys provided will work throughout all versions that begin with "1.".

Version 2 of a v1.xx purchased product will be treated as a new product, this will incur an upgrade or full charge.

Important note regarding upgrades
Any edition of our software can upgrade the previous edition. That is, it can process the client database information, etc. from the previous edition and convert them into the new format required by the new edition.

If you have any questions about updates or upgrades, please contact us.

How do I download and install a program?

Generally, you just click on the download link, and your browser will download the file. After it is done, you'll double click on the downloaded file's icon on your hard drive (located wherever your browser stores downloads). The download will start installation process containing the program, documentation, and other files.

I don't want to download, can I just get a CD-ROM instead?

Not now.

I've registered a program, but my registration code doesn't seem to work, help!

First off, make sure you have the most recent version of the program. Make sure you are entering your name into the program exactly as shown in your registration email. Make sure you double-check your code entry so that it matches the code sent. Often people think they've entered it in correctly and actually have made a slight typo, which will cause the code to not work. Extra spaces in the name or number, leaving out the dashes in the number, or entering in or leaving out punctuation to the name that wasn't there on the registration email will all result in the code not working. Everything must be entered exactly as shown in the registration email. The code contains no letter "O's", so all 0 are zeros. Also, make sure you are not mistaking eights for "B's", as that is one thing many people have trouble with. If you continue to have trouble, please contact us.

What is the London Fix price?

The price of gold set by dealers (usually done twice a day at the Central Bank of London). The fix is the fundamental worldwide price for deriving the prices of gold bullion and other gold-related contracts and products.

Does RedMiniBox Software Inc. purchase platinum/gold/silver group metal scrap?


What is the Karat?

For gold, karat value is used to express the proportion of gold in an alloy or the quality of a gold alloy. Fine (pure) gold is 24 karats. Thus, 14-karat gold consists of 14 pats of pure gold and 10 parts (24-14=10) of other metals (silver, copper, platinum, cadmium...).

What unit of mass GoldScrap Calculator uses for calculations?

GoldScrap Calculator gives weight information in troy pounds, troy ounces, pennyweights (DWT), kilograms, grams, milligrams and grains.
Troy pounds - is a unit of mass which is the same as 12 troy ounces or 5,760 grains;
Troy ounce - is a unit of mass which is the same as 20 pennyweights or 480 grains;
Pennyweight (dwt) - is a unit of mass which is the same as 24 grains, 1/240th of a troy pound, 1/20th of a troy ounce, approximately 0.055 ounces or approximately 1.555 grams;
Grain - is a unit of mass which is the same as 0.06479891 grams;
Kilogram - is a unit of mass which is the same as 1000 grams;
Gram - is a unit of mass which is the same as 1000 milligrams or 15.4323583529 grains;
Milligram - is a unit of mass which is the same as 1/1000th of a gram;