GoldScrap Software screenshots
GoldScrap Software screenshot 1 The GoldScrap software is used to keep records of money flow and the flow of precious metal scrap (gold, platinum, silver and sterling silver) in the process of selling and buying it, as well as for keeping records of melted gold sold for scrap at the commodity exchange.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 2 At the beginning of each business day, you should enter the prices of precious metals to start working with the program.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 3 The entire information about the customer is entered here.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 4 To start working with the program, you should make the following settings:
bullet Specify the content of pure gold in metal depending on its karat value.
bullet Enter data for settlement types that you are going to use with your customers.
bullet Specify the percentage you use while dealing with the company that does melting for you.
bullet Specify the value added to the price of one DWT of metal when you sell it.
bullet Set a password for accessing the program.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 5 To make the information in the table with customers look more convenient, you can sort it by any of the 8 attributes. Also you can edit information on any customer.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 6 You have the opportunity to view all the operations carried out with each customer. In other words, you can view any customer's history.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 7
GoldScrap Software screenshot 7a
You can arrange a purchasing or selling operation. After you enter all the necessary information about the operation, you will be able to print a receipt for the customer.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 8 The number used in commitments is the weight of pure gold that is calculated by the program based on the overall weight of scrap gold taking into account its karat value and resulting from all your operations to the precision of four decimal digits.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 9 It is this information that you need to answer the question "at what price you buy precious metals" (if it is gold, the price also depends on its karat value). The price is calculated depending on your daily price and settlements for different groups of customers.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 10 Daily report. Here you can see the entire information about all the operations you have carried out this day until the present moment.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 11 To see the summary information about money, click "Balance" in the main program window.

GoldScrap Software screenshot 12 The largest and most important report.
It is a summary report for the period between two scrap gold meting operations.
The entire information is given by operations. Each operation has its date, its London Fix Price, the total sum of the operation, the total weight of scarp gold in DWT, the total weight of pure gold in DWT, the total weight of your commitments, then comes the total weight of scrap gold in DWT depending on its karat value.
This dialog box has one more most interesting button - "P. Prediction" (Profit prediction). Any time you can find out what is your money condition.