Privacy Policy

Red MiniBox Software, Inc., recognizes and respects your need and desire for privacy. We are committed to protecting and maintaining the confidential nature of the information provided to our company. You do not have to provide personal or business data to Red MiniBox Software, Inc. to use this site.

If you choose to complete any of our online forms, it will be used in the evaluating the level of assistance, if any, we will be able to provide. Additionally, Red MiniBox Software, Inc. will use it as we process your transaction. Further use may include contacting you in the future with updates and other information.

No personal information will be collected without your consent and agreement. Furthermore, use of your personal information will be restricted, as needed, in processing your transaction. Initiating contact for the purpose of applying for any of our suite of financial services, completing online and offline forms, and transmitting any personal data constitutes your consent for Red MiniBox Software, Inc. to use the data as described herein.

Information provided to Red MiniBox Software, Inc. may be used to consolidate and aggregate information for additional ancillary uses including marketing, statistical, and fundraising purposes. Such information does not reveal the identity of, or any information relating to, you individually or your specific business.

The Red MiniBox Software, Inc. Privacy Policy relates to data regarding individual persons or businesses.

All persons seeking specific information from Red MiniBox Software, Inc. will be queried for data about them and their business. Red MiniBox Software, Inc. will evaluate and compare their data with credit bureau data relating to them and their business. Those comparisons will be rated and a credit score will be assigned to you. Therefore, the choice whether to provide personal data to Red MiniBox Software, Inc. is up to you.


The Red MiniBox Software, Inc. website allows you to send emails to certain Red MiniBox Software, Inc. email accounts. We will use your personally identifiable data (if included) in your email to respond to your. Additionally, Red MiniBox Software, Inc. may use such data in processing your transaction.

You should be aware that email is not a secure form of communication. Pleases send all sensitive personal or business information by carrier and/or secure web-based transmission (the website must indicate it is a secure site).

Web-Based Transmissions

Red MiniBox Software, Inc. uses the industry-standard encryption software, Secured Socket Layer (SSL). The URL Address Line in your browser will change to “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” when encrypted access is initiated. Some browsers also display a lock symbol on the bottom taskbar to indicate a secure transmission. We also use certain technology to prevent unauthorized access to data stored on the Red MiniBox Software, Inc. servers.

Unauthorized Access

Red MiniBox Software, Inc. uses certain technologies to secure your data. Red MiniBox Software, Inc. will provide reasonable effort to protect your data. We cannot guarantee the complete protection against unauthorized access by cyber intruders.


Use of the word “transaction” in this document may include, but is not limited to, loan applications.

Third Parties

Red MiniBox Software, Inc. will not sell data, collected from you, to third parties.


Red MiniBox Software, Inc. does not use of cookies, or any other similar technology, to track your browsing habits.


Red MiniBox Software, Inc. does not collect data about or engage in business transactions with children. You must be 18 years old to use this site.


If you have any questions or comments relating to our Privacy Policy, please contact us by clicking here. You can use either U.S. Mail or our online form on the page.